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             Show Bros is a rental company of professional Musical Instrument in Hong Kong.We provides the latest Musical Instrument for professional use.We are a one-stop-solution AV supplier for each organizer, producer and manager in Hong Kong of theater, television, live entertainment and corporate events.

              What distinguishes us from other companies are our latest products, guaranteed quality and competitive prices. Through it all Show Bros is a major contributor to the success of your event or production.


Show Bros offers several kinds of sound equipment, therefore we can offer a solution for every situation:

  • Speakers - Sets of speakers, Subwoofers, Line array, Floor monitors

  • Amplifiers - Analog Amplifiers, Digital Amplifiers

  • Mixers - Analog mixing consoles, digital mixing consoles

  • Microphones -wireless microphones, in ear monitors, microphone stands / -statieven

  • DJ gear - turntables, table top CD / MP3 player.




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